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Don’t Worry Be Happy!!!!

Stress levels are rising high and the happiness quotient is dipping down. All this worry will only lead us to sink lower and cause stress hormones to soar. This is not healthy for us and this is also unhealthy for those with chronic diseases like high BP and Blood Sugar. We all need a simple message today and it is “DONT WORRY BE HAPPY” since all that we need is a few smiles in a day .. So deep from the hearts of the healers at Dr Mohans Diabetes Specialities Centres is a multilingual song to pep up your spirits.

“In these difficult times when worry and anxiety trouble almost everyone, when uncertainty causes fear, we doctors send out love and smiles to all of u!!! Be brave, hang in there, this too shall pass!!Don’t Worry Be Happy!!!!” , reiterate Dr V. Mohan, Chairman ; Dr. Ranjit, Vice Chairman, Dr. Anjana, Managing director along with all the doctors of Dr Mohan’s Diabetes Specialities Centres across 30 cities in 50 different locations.