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Some tips for foot care in diabetes
  • Keep blood glucose under control
  • Wash feet everyday and make sure that you dry them thoroughly. Inspect between toes.
  • Always cut nails straight across and then smooth the edges.
  • Check toes for any fungal infection
  • Consult a podiatrist for corns, calluses or ingrown toenails. Do not attempt to self-treat these conditions.
  • Nerve damage can be unpredictable. Consult your doctor if you feel any change in sensation (pain, tingling, burning, numbness, etc) in toes, feet, or legs.
  • If skin is dry, apply cream or petroleum jelly to feet and heels, but avoid the area between your toes
  • Protect feet from extremes in temperature.
  • Regular exercise improves circulation to all extremities. Try non-impact exercises on feet like swimming, cycling and yoga. Don’t exercise when there are open sores on the feet.
  • Avoid walking barefoot, always wear shoes or slippers. Wear socks with your shoes, since leather, plastics, and manmade shoe materials can irritate skin and cause infections.

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